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Social Media Marketing Via Your Brand

Social Media Marketing | Custom Fit MarketingOur latest post gives good pointers on how to integrate your brand on social media, and how to make sure it does its job. This article comes from Harry Rollason at Business 2 Community on branding efforts for local business owners.

Be Authentic with Your Followers

How should brands decide who to be on social? Ten years ago, this was a valid question, but no longer. Consumers are in the social driver’s seat – they’re calling the shots – and the only decision left for brands is whether to play along or get publicly roasted in absentia. And what do these free-wheeling consumers want? By a show of force, they’re seeking authentic brand personalities who stand for something.

Authenticity is a tricky and moving target however. As the U.S. Travel Department’s off-color tweets about travelers’ looks and IHOP’s vaguely offensive tweet about pancakes show, it’s not an easy balance to strike.

Amidst this, some brands excel and use social media to build durable consumer relationships. Here is what they do different:
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