Local Business Owners Need to be Mobile

Mobile Marketing is the Future

The Future of Search is Mobile Marketing

Using mobile marketing is a direct result of the mobile revolution, local business has seen, is seeing, and will continue to see many changes to the way we as consumers do business. This includes the way we find local products, services, and companies. Not only that, but it has also changed the way we choose companies to do business with.

Years ago, consumers probably never imagined that they would be able to whip out their mobile device to find local products and services; not to mention to actually be able to make purchases using their mobile devices. Take a look at this video:

Is Your Website Turning People Away?

In a world where everyone is almost always on the move, mobile users have the ability to take action right on the spot without being hindered in any way. In a time when many of us are so busy, we are in a constant state of “saving time” and getting things done quickly.

Mobile phones are the glue that helps us manage daily activities and stay connected to the world. Technology surrounding mobile devices is constantly changing and advancing. As a business owner, now is the time to add mobile marketing to your arsenal if you want to upgrade your customer experience with methods that are both affordable and effective.

Mobile Marketing | Custom Fit MarketingYour Customers are on their Phones!

You must have a mobile optimized website for your business. It is not really optional anymore in today’s society. Smartphones have already overtaken the computer in popularity. If you don’t get a website that displays properly on a phone, you will miss out. Not only is it essential for your business, but it is also beneficial. Mobile users are more inclined to make a purchasing decision.

When someone does a search on their phone, they are usually on the go, looking for something right now. 88% of mobile users will take action to call or visit a business they find. Having a mobile website gets you in front of more customers and increases your chances that someone will make a purchase.

By not having a mobile optimized site, you are just giving your customers to the competition. Otherwise, your mobile-friendly competitors will continue to tap into the massive mobile audience and get most of the attention from local consumers. Some studies actually show that mobile searchers are 51% more likely to take action than desktop searchers.

The Case for Mobile

Mobile usage is one of the most popular and fastest-growing forms of technology to ever hit the consumer market. In fact:

  • Usage of mobile devices is growing 8 TIMES faster than the internet grew in the 1990’s
  • On the Go search has already exceeded desktop searches
  • Mobile search has grown by 300% over the past several years
  • 50% of all LOCAL searches are performed on mobile devices

As a small business owner, mobile internet usage has impacted your company’s ability to generate new leads and retain existing customers forever. There are currently more than 1.8 BILLION Smartphone users today and we’re doing a LOT with them:

  • Sending and Receiving Text Messages – 90%
  • Checking Maps – 72%
  • Viewing the Web While Traveling – 70%
  • Surfing the Web While in a Restaurant – 64%
  • Price checking the Web While in a Store – 63%

This is good news for the local business that can rank high on searches, as their customer is ready to buy. However there is always a middle step that customers will take and that is to click through to the business’s website. Once a potential customer gets to the website they expect a positive and easy to navigate experience. This is where mobile marketing takes place.

Mobile E Commerce

Mobile E Commerce | Custom Fit MarketingThe #1 reason for using a mobile device for a local business search is because shoppers want information fast because they’re on the move to buy.

Mobile users have a larger opportunity to purchase from a local business shortly after the search while on-the-go and are more likely to purchase a product after searching compared with PC searchers.

Here is what they will likely do when they get there.

  • Get directions and operating hours – 74%
  • Contact the store – 64%
  • Find product info – 61%
  • Make a purchase or order a service – 50%

So, you can see that mobile marketing can actually help that person make a decision as to whether or not they will visit your establishment. This is sobering and compelling for those who have not already made the move to a mobile experience for their customers. Ready to get started? Contact us below so we can help you make the move.

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