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Every business owner reaches out to others for resources, assistance, advice, referrals, etc. This is part of human nature. We seek validation and or experience to reach the goals we have set. This members area is exactly that: a place to find reputable, successful resources, strategies, solutions, and/or guidance to achieving the goals you have set. Custom Fit Marketing is proud to offer this members area free of charge to those who are looking for the tools they need to grow their online presence.

I could have just said, “Here is your member area, good luck!” Too many in this industry do exactly that, and leave you on your own. Not us. We have provided you with easy to use tools in the member’s area to help you grow your business. Some may be familiar, some not. We have made sure these are tools/educational materials that we use/have used to grow/maintain our own business. This means we have hands-on experience in using them for growth.

Selecting the right resources for your business is your challenge. If you ever have questions concerning these, just drop us a line, so we can help. You don’t have time to be confused about the particular use of a tool. You want what works for your business, not someone else’s business. That’s where we can help. We already know that local business owners don’t have time for “fluff”.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to gain access to our Local Business Resource Center today, so you can learn about the right tools for your business.

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Art Golombek has over 35 years of marketing and retail experience across multiple disciplines, including buying, merchandising, management and more. In addition, he has marketing experience in various disciplines, including social media, web design and structure, and local optimization. Custom Fit Marketing was founded in 2012 to work directly with local business owners who need the expertise to be competitive in a fast changing digital world.

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