Looking at Viral Tweets from Wendy’s

Restaurants should take note of the potential to touch influencers on Twitter, using viral tweets as part of their overall strategy. Article and graphic courtesy of Restaurant Business.


It is not how many likes, how many accounts or how many post; it is about your engagement with your followers/guests/clients across their experience with you. This viral sequence is interesting in how it is guided towards adoption and dissemination across the channels.

I also believe that ,as with anything else in marketing, you CAN have too much of a good thing. Balanced, Planned, and held to infrequent use on major campaigns can have a positive affect on the brand.

  • Timing IS everything
  • Self promotion is NOT for viral
  • Relate to your business activity
  • Titles Matter
  • Consistency
  • Call to Action + working funnel link
  • Test your campaign on a build-up

As the quote goes…”Stay on Target”. Don’t get distracted from the mission, and I believe you will be able to “custom fit” the solution to your business. Check out our getting started with restaurant marketing page for more useful information, and ways to get started on your path to growth. acts as a stepping stone to long term growth for your business. Let’s sit down and talk about it.

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