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Web Design has come a long way with the transformation of WordPress and drag-and-drop WordPress themes. Just about anyone can create a basic website with a little technical know-how and minimal research. So why do you need to pay someone to create a website for you? Expertise.

SEO optimization. Page ranking. Local SEO. Bounce rate. Conversion rate. Long-tail keywords. A/B testing. User experience. Caching. XML Sitemaps. Responsive design.

You may have heard of some of these terms, but how much knowledge and experience do you have with them? How important is each to your web site? How much of your time would be spent learning and implementing these in your site? How much more effective could you be to your business if you focused on the part of your business you DO know? Watch this video on how web design helps:

Web Design Helps Bring More Clients

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That’s what we’re here for. We have the knowledge and experience your website needs to be successful and it all starts with content.


You may have heard that “content is king”. The content of your web site is THE single most important component. Your customers and potential customers arrive at your website looking for answers. It’s your job to provide those answers. It’s our job to organize them in a manner that makes sense to your customers. Our team will work closely with you and your business to achieve this. When your customers land on your website, they will quickly find the answers they’re looking for, increasing your conversion rate.

A lot of websites have beautiful videos and images, fancy slideshows and all the bells and whistles. But they lack content, the pages load slow and users have to wait for all of these bells and whistles to load. They came looking for answers, and left looking for a website that would provide those answers in a timely manner.

We have bells and whistles too. The difference is we don’t sacrifice your website’s speed or message. And we certainly don’t let them hinder your customer’s ability to read through your content and find the answers they need.

User Experience

The user experience is the overall experience users have when visiting your website. While great content is the most important component of a website, it’s all for nothing if the user has a bad experience finding and consuming the content. We create a website flow that provides the best experience for your customers and tailored to your business. This video talks about old websites:

Old Website? Let Us Help

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It’s no secret that society’s attention span is getting shorter. A study recently found that 55% of users spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page. What does this mean? Your pages better load fast and your content better be organized and easily accessible. Once we’ve worked with you and your company on creating the content, we’ll structure it in a way that makes sense to YOUR customers. When they leave your website, it will be because they have found the answers to their questions and are on the phone with you doing exactly what your website was meant for – business.


Search Engine Optimization can be a confusing, complicated process for some. Not for us. We love SEO. Why? Because it’s not rocket science. It’s not confusing or complicated. And it’s certainly not something that requires you to throw a lot of money at it to make it work. Watch this video on Local Search:

More Customers for Your Business

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We know what works. We have several years of experience making it work for our clients. It doesn’t involve any tricks and we don’t outsource it to an SEO agency that has no clue what they’re doing. We know what we’re doing. SEO requires knowledge, experience, patience, and discipline. Those are all right up our alley and we’ll use them to make optimizing your web site 100% painless for you.

Responsive (mobile-friendly)

Mobile-only internet users surpassed desktop-only internet users recently. This major milestone is important for web site owners and if ignored, translates to money left on the table. It is no longer an option to have a we bsite that isn’t mobile responsive. But it’s not enough to have a responsive web site. Your web site needs to be optimized for mobile. What does that mean?

  • Mobile navigation
  • Large and easily clickable buttons
  • Optimized images
  • Click to call phone and email links
  • Click to share social icons
  • Content targeted to mobile users

All of our web sites are structured and designed to be 100% functional and beautiful no matter what device your users are browsing from. For us, responsiveness isn’t an afterthought. It’s a staple in our web design process. We don’t come up with less-than-desirable mobile solutions for a website built for large screens. We start with a website designed for ANY screen.

We hope this gives you the information you need to move forward in your plan. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.

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