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Managed VPS Hosting

Every wonder why your website is slow in loading, even though you have been careful not to add too much to it? We find that many business owners use shared hosting, where as many as 300 web sites or more may be on the same server. The more web sites that call the server at the same time, the slower the site. That’s why we use and highly recommend the fully Managed VPS Servers at WiredTree. With WiredTree Managed Hosting, you get the best in the business.

They are custom built servers and they are fully managed for your security. Here is a quote from their web site: “There’s plenty of server to go around. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) give you the flexibility and power of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price. You get incredible CPU power and oodles of memory and disk space. All Fully Managed by WiredTree in Chicago.”

Don’t need all of that? Well, at Custom Fit Marketing, we can review your site and your needs to customize a smaller server with WiredTree, without you having to use the whole thing. Just contact us via the form below, and someone will get back with you. We want to help, and this is the best way to get a fast loading site without the headaches.


We talk about how important hosting is to your overall online success on our Foundation Marketing Page. we also talk about web site hosting in our discussion on our Structure Page.

Ready to Get Started with WiredTree Managed Hosting?

We would love to be able to assist you with this important part of your online foundation. This is what we do; create a solid foundation with the needs and tools you have, combined with the best in market accessories. It is like having your own online contractor. Just drop us a line today, so we can get started.




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Art Golombek

Art Golombek

Founder and Consultant

Art Golombek has over 35 years of marketing and retail experience across multiple disciplines, including buying, merchandising, management and more. In addition, he has marketing experience in various disciplines, including social media, web design and structure, and local optimization. Custom Fit Marketing was founded in 2012 to work directly with local business owners who need the expertise to be competitive in a fast changing digital world.


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