“It’s Your Real Estate”

And Foundation Marketing helps Local Business Owners Add That Value

Your Digital Assets

Foundation Marketing starts with your business and marketing review, and that includes your digital assets. These digital assets include, but are not limited to your domain and the hosting; it can also add an e-store, a forum; well you get the point.

It is a process developed by Art Golombek, Founder of Custom Fit Marketing: “Creating and enhancing a solid infrastructure for the online presence of a local business”. As a result of the review, many owners find there is friction between systems or processes. Process frictions, once identified, can be smoothed out to render a better customer experience, and add value to your assets.

Foundation Marketing Adds Value

Just like your business plan, foundation marketing details the steps necessary to insure you can grow your business with online strategies that compliment your local business strategies.

Here is what you need to understand; that this is just the evaluation part. Once we do this and you agree to move forward, we develop a detailed plan of how and where and when to develop/improve your overall online presence.

There is no magic bullet, and anyone who tells you otherwise is not invested in your success. The business and marketing foundation that you have determines how and what content is delivered to your preferred audience. After all, they are the ones looking for your business. Are you being found? Watch this quick video:

Is Your Business Being Found?

So, here is what Foundation Marketing is all about. 10 years ago there was this great push by local business owners to get some sort of website online. All well and good. They put up these websites, and nothing happened! So now, business owners are saying we paid good money for this and we got nothing in return. Clearly, the problem then and now is the lack of a plan! Now what?
Your Online Foundation

You can see that getting found, is just one of the steps for strengthening your foundation. Business owners for the most part have some sort of web site or other online presence. A critical key here is making sure that presence is solid, so that no matter what you add or subtract, your core is still online bring you more business. “I already have a web site”, say many business owners.

Our Five Step Process

Our 5 step plan helps local business owners examine and make adjustments as necessary for strength, security, and ease of use. This works work together with their local business foundation already in place. Here is how we do it:

  • Full evaluation of the structure of your website and its hosting, sharing sites, social sites, search, and more.
  • A review of your content (wherever you have it) and whether it is reaching your desired audience.
  • A review of how the search engines view your online presence.
  • Develop and implement a detailed plan to build/strengthen your presence.
  • Training and follow-up to ensure you have/can utilize the tools necessary to move your business forward.

Well, like anything else, we need to regularly update and/or enhance what is already there. Now, take a quick look at this video:
How to Improve Your Web Site

Helping local business owners strengthen their business foundation is what we do, and we look forward to helping you.

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