Online Structure for Your Foundation

Strengthen Your Digital Footprint

Our blueprint for success is centered on building a foundation from which you can grow your business. It must be able to support future growth, as well as provide every opportunity to maximize your return on investment. At Custom Fit Marketing, we make sure you have all of the tools and a road-map to enhance the value of your online presence. We do this with a 5 step plan to make sure you have covered all of the bases in growing your business online.


Our 5 Step Process to a Better Foundation


Step 1

Online Presence Review

Step 2

Web and Social Content Review

Step 3

Search Engine Review

Step 4

Develop and Implement the Plan

Step 5

Training and Follow-Up Sessions

Online Structure for Your Foundation

Strengthen Your Digital Footprint

You will notice that we don’t say you need to be advertising on Facebook, or that you need a new web site, or that you should do video marketing. We don’t know what you need until we evaluate your foundation. By following a set of guidelines, we are able to then make recommendations as to which direction you should move in order to accomplish your goals.

Every one of these steps forces us to ensure we are building for the forward movement of your business. You can learn more on our Foundation Marketing page.


Your Digital Structure

Just like in your physical location, your business requires certain structures to operate. We help you strengthen the foundation of those structures so you can grow and interact with your customers and your potential customers.

Website Structure

The actual structure of your digital foundation determines how stong your it is for future growth.

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Security Structure

Your security structure is critical not only for protection, but reliability and reputation.

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Social Media Structure

Your social media profiles are part of your business too. Make those assets work for you.

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Search Structure

your search engine information actualy helps you grow. You need to be listed consistently everywhere.

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Hosting Structure

Hosting does matter. Speed, security, servers; all count toward a better foundation to grow. We use VPS hosting.

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