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Online Structure

Making sure the online structure of your internet presence is sound is the same exercise you go through when you evaluate the structure of your physical business. In the case of a brick and mortar business, you evaluate the structure of the building, its amenities, and its ability to help you sustain your business. The same holds true with your online business. Think of your domain as real estate, and it becomes an opportunity for you. How valuable is your online real estate? This is the question every local business owner should ask when planning and executing an online plan. We call this Foundation Marketing.

Foundation Marketing Blueprint

Our blueprint for success is centered on building a foundation from which you can grow your business. It must be able to support future growth, as well as provide every opportunity to maximize your return on investment. At Custom Fit Marketing, we make sure you have all of the tools and a road-map to enhance the value of your online presence. We do this with a 5 step plan to make sure you have covered all of the bases in growing your business online.

Step 1

Online Presence Evaluation

Step 2

Content Review

Step 3

Search Engine Review

Step 4

Develop and Implement

Step 5

Train and Follow-Up

You will notice that we don’t say you need to be advertising on Facebook, or that you need a new web site, or that you should do video marketing. We don’t know what you need until we evaluate your foundation. By following a set of guidelines, we are able to then make recommendations as to which direction you should move in order to accomplish your goals.

Every one of these steps forces us to ensure we are building for the forward movement of your business. You can learn more on our Foundation Marketing page.

Foundation Marketing

Custom Fit Marketing Helps You Build Your Online Foundation

Web Site Structure

There are many platforms out there to build your foundation on. Our experience has been, especially for local business owners, to keep it simple. WordPress is that platform for a lot of people. It continues to evolve and is the number one platform used by local business owners. Easy to master, it can be a true asset. Find out more on how we can help you build your online structure. Whether it is WordPress, Joomla, E-commerce, CSS3 or HTML5, we can help.

Website Design

Premium Web Design Using the Latest Best Practices.

Hosting Structure

We have tried many, believe me. We know that there is a cost factor involved, and that sways a lot of bootstrap type businesses. Especially when starting out, every dollar counts. That is why we have gone with one of the best hosting companies around: WiredTree Managed Hosting Solutions.

WiredTree is the premier custom managed VPS Hosting. There is a simple reason we use them exclusively, premium service. I can’t say enough about their customer service. You can check out more at their site. If your own server is too much, contact us and we can see if a smaller custom plan can work for you. Just use the contact form here, or direct email here.

Security Structure

There are many security plug-ins for WP, there is an SSL Certificate (which is now recommended and utilized by many), and there is the security provided by the hosting company. We employ all three methods for our sites, and we recommend this to our clients. We make sure you have the right tools for your business so that you don’t have extra “weight” and can respond quickly.

The rise of “bots” and the continual spam and hacking onslaughts only emphasize their necessity. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, protect your online real estate from attack, for it will be attacked.

Internet Security also covers your methods of access, possible use of two factor authentication, changing your login pages, utilizing a password manager (there are many out there) and more. let us help you secure your online structure.

Website Hosting

Fast, Reliable, Secure. Everything You Need for Your Hosting

Search Structure

So what do we mean about “search structure”? We mean, your listings, photos, social signals online. Do you know what people are saying about your business? Do you know what is being shared? Can people looking for your business actually find you?

These are just some of the questions a business owner needs to ask when working to create/build/scale your online structure.

All of these things work to make your “real estate” investment work for you, not against you. Our program includes local business citations, local directories, maps, social pages, search results, tracking, analytics and more.

Once you build the right foundation, your online maintenance becomes much more streamlined and doable. You can’t argue with that.

Social Structure

Like it or not, your social presence online does matter and it will help or hinder your overall online presence. We help you strengthen your different profiles, and if requested, we can help you with your branding so you have a consistent presence across all of the different platforms. This doesn’t mean you have to learn a bunch of complicated tasks. No, what we do is simplify as much as possible.

If you strengthen these 5 areas, you are well on your way to growing your business. In the future, it is then easier to do additions (or subtractions) depending on what your structure produces for you. Here is a good example:

A local chef decides she needs to open a restaurant to sell her unique pizza pie. Some would say she needs to build a great website with lots of images to show off this extraordinary pizza pie. So she agrees, and has this 10 page full blown web site produced and launched so everyone can see the extraordinary pizza pie in all of its glory. The problem is, the website was not capturing the customer’s business. The lesson here is, don’t proceed with out a plan! Had she gone through the 5 Step Foundation Marketing, she would have had a lot more information to make her decision. Here is an example of what that does for her new business:

Step 1:  Full Online Evaluation

What does this chef already have online that tells the world about her dishes? How does that grow the business?

Step 2: Content Review

What is the content out there doing to engage existing/new customers to try her pizza pie?

Step 3: Search Engine Review

Is she being found? How do people know where to look for her fabulous pizza pie?

Step 4: Develop and Implement

Create a plan to address the structural deficiencies and enhance the online presence that is already out there.

Step 5: Train and Follow-up

Work with her to ensure she has the skills (or her employee) to continue building her online presence.

Now, she has a plan to execute, just like she executes the great recipe for her pizza pie. In this case, we would have recommended a simpler web site, with the added tool of being to make reservations and or place an order for pick-up. This helps her customers take action that is favorable to her business. Not so difficult now, is it. The value of her online property has just increased, as it actually produces business for her. Her foundation is current, and has room for her to grow without major disruption because she has a solid online structure.

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