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From guiding you through social marketing to strengthening your digital foundation, we custom fit all of our services to your specific needs and goals. Why would you do it any other way?

Cookie-cutter marketing brings cookie-cutter results. Homemade cookies are the best!

Foundation Marketing

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Just like in your business plan, our foundation marketing plan details the steps necessary for you to grow with online strategies that complement those goals.

Website Design

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All of our website designs are structured and coded to be 100% functional and beautiful no matter what device your users are browsing from.

VPS Hosting

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Your web address is your physical business, only online. Think of your domain as real estate, and it becomes an opportunity for you to grow your business.

Mobile Marketing

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Consumers have changed the way we find local products, services, and companies. It also changed the way we choose companies.

Google Workspace

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G Suite just got better — introducing Google Workspace; everything you need to get anything done, now in one place. Flexible solutions for every business.

Social Marketing

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Engaging on popular social platforms is especially useful for helping local businesses keep in touch with previous customers and introduce new customers to their offerings.

Local Marketing

A business owner focuses on the areas that will bring them the most customers.

Google My Business

With a Google My Business account, you get more than a business listing. Your company profile lets you easily connect across Google, and the web. Get better rankings too.

Business Consulting

You cannot grow or innovate in a vacuum. We offer consulting services to help you grow your business and customer base. The more eyes on your business, the less you miss.

Marketing for Local Business

Marketing for Local Business covers several vital areas if you are going to be found by the customers who are looking for you. Your reputation counts. The difference between getting found, and not.


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Our Marketing Services

Everything We Do is Customized to You


As part of our Foundation Marketing (you can read about it here), marketing for local business covers several vital areas if you are going to be found by the customers who are looking for you. There are many local directories that your potential customers use to find the services they are looking for. Recent statistics reveal that searches done by local people within a 6-mile radius of your business are 90% ready to buy.

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We have tried many, believe me. We know that there is a cost factor involved, and that sways a lot of bootstrap type businesses. Especially when starting out, every dollar counts. VPS Hosting shows your customer you are serious about their experience with you. Slow sites drive customers away.

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We have fully embraced using Google Workspace to help power our business. There are features available to the local business owner that would cost you separately and are much harder to use. Automation, streamlined processes, reputation monitoring, increased productivity, are just some of the benefits of such a small investment.

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Foundation Marketing starts with your business and marketing review, and that includes your digital assets. These digital assets include, but are not limited to your domain and the hosting. It is a process developed by Art Golombek, Founder of Custom Fit Marketing. “Creating and enhancing a solid infrastructure for the online presence of a local business”.

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Customized Marketing for Your Local Business

Over eight years of customized services for our local clients.

Web Design

The user experience is the overall experience users have when visiting your website. While great content is the most important component of a website, it’s all for nothing if the user has a bad experience finding and consuming the content. We create a website flow that provides the best experience for your customers and tailored to your business.

It’s no secret that society’s attention span is getting shorter. A study recently found that 55% of users spent fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page. What does this mean? Your pages better load fast and your content is better organized and more easily accessible.

Mobile Marketing

Years ago, consumers probably never imagined that they would be able to whip out their mobile devices to find local products and services; not to mention actually be able to make purchases using their mobile devices. Mobile phones are the glue that helps us manage daily activities and stay connected to the world.

Google My Business

Google My Business (or GMB) is a business listing within Google that is particularly beneficial to “local” businesses or businesses that rely on their location for the product or service they offer (e.g. a physical store or a business that caters to one specific city/region/etc). As such, most businesses benefit from GMB.

Social Customer Interaction

Social marketing can help local businesses better connect with customers and potential customers in their area. Businesses use social media marketing to build relationships with current and potential customers and generate consumer excitement about their products and services.

Resources to Help You Grow

We have tested a lot of products in helping local business owners over the years. We put these here to help you cut through all of the information overload.

Cloudways Hosting

VPS Hosting is essential in today's competitive world. A fast site isn't about speed; it's about giving your customers the best experience online.


We use and promote the LastPass password manager for our business. It is free; the Pro version allows you to sync your passwords everywhere.

More Resources

Along with Last Pass and Cloudways, we have more recommendations to help you in your business. Most we use/have used over the years to be more productive.

Customized Marketing Strategy

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Social Customer ROI

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